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Delivery Windows

We make reasonable efforts to deliver your shipment according to the ETA windows:

 * 1-1000 miles:

Delivery within 1-10 business days

* 1001-1500 miles:

Delivery within 1-14 business days

* 1501+ miles:

Delivery within 1-21 business days

* The delivery schedule begins from the first date you are ready to accept your shipment not the date your goods are picked up. Business days do not include holidays or weekends, though we may deliver your goods on a weekend.

*Responsible dispatch time of 30 days is standard, unless you specifically agreed on a different delivery time.

*If the order of service includes a paid rush delivery window and the promise is not meet. Either the additional cost of the promise and or compensation of $25 per day will be subtracted from the final payment.